If you have received a "spam" email originating from this domain, please accept my apologies, and please read the following.

The email for this domain has been disabled due to the continuing use by spammers in what is called a "Joe Job".

Basically what happens is that spammers will use an innocent domain (like mine) and send out millions of spam, but forge the "reply to" or "from" fields with an email address. This email address uses my domain, but will throw random letters in front of the "@" to make filtering on my end impossible. Then I will get angry replies sent back to this domain, with the intent to overload the domain and shut it down.

Forging email addresses is very easy, and due to the nature of the email system, there is not much anybody can do to prevent this.

Thus I've taken the step to disable all legitimate email from this domain. If you received an email with my domain as the sender, rest assured that I did not send it.

For more information, please check out the following.